Hello Hurricane Debuts at #13 on Billboard 200 + Switchfoot’s Guide to the Galaxy!

Going to the show in Austin tonight? Want to share photos, videos, setlists, stories, reviews, etc. with fellow fans? E-mail us at news@landofbrokenhearts.org. Thanks!

Don’t forget, the guys need merch help for the tour! Merch master Bobby posts:
IF you’re interested in getting your sweat on, i’d love your help at the merch table for this tour.

- a purchased ticket
- must be a sly as fox
- out run a cheetah.
- 18+ por favor.

- email bobby at snoopbobby@gmail.com, with your city/date in the subject line
- show up 30 min before doors
- plan to see the show, but work before and after
- if you’re FOTF, plan to enjoy your perks.

peace and pancakes. plain or peanut butter.

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From EW.com:
Bon Jovi have come full Circle on the Billboard 200, notching their second consecutive No. 1 debut with 163,000 copies sold, according to Nielsen SoundScan. (For what it’s worth, the Jersey vets’ last album got there with a more impressive 292,000.) They were by far the biggest-selling new release in a fairly quiet week.
Down at No. 8, Flyleaf gave the world 56,000 Memento Moris. Switchfoot made it to No. 13 with 39,000 copies sold of Hello Hurricane. Dashboard Confessional took No. 19 with 30,000 copies sold of Alter the Ending.
That was it for chart debuts this week. In other developments, Lady Antebellum’s 2008 debut vaulted back into the Top 20 at No. 11 after a memorable performance at the Country Music Awards helped them move 45,000 units � more than double what they did the previous week.

^ Solid!

Top Selling Albums
Hello Hurricane (Deluxe) – #38
Hello Hurricane – #91

Top Selling Alternative Albums
Hello Hurricane (Deluxe) – #3
Hello Hurricane – #13

Top Selling Alternative Songs
Your Love Is A Song – #24
Mess of Me – #190
Enough to Let Me Go – #196

#106 in Music
#5 in Music > Christian
#47 in Music > Rock

By the way, Mess of Me is currently #28 on the Alternative Rock charts. Keep requesting the song to get it higher!

Switchfoot is being featured on Rhapsody’s ROCKSTAR GUIDE TO THE GALAXY!
Here ye, here ye, come one, come all, feast thine eyes upon Rhapsody’s super-awesome original inter-video web-net series, Rockstar Guide to the Galaxy! In this episode, San Diego rockers Switchfoot take us around their favorite hometown spots. Surfing lessons included! Be sure to check out the new album Hello Hurricane.

It’s a GREAT video, with Tim and Drew acting as “tour guides” as they take the filming crew around to some of their favorite haunts. It’s like… Switchfoot: In Their Natural Environment. Watch the video HERE and enjoy! That mexican place looks good…
Here’s a few caps:

New Twitter posts!
From Switchfoot:
2nd Show added 11/23 in Nashville! Click link below to purchase tickets. … http://bit.ly/P5Mcr

Good news Atlanta! We moved our show to the bigger room for all of you who couldn’t get tix. More tix avail. today, but don’t snooze!

watch our san diego version of the ‘rock star guide to the galaxy’ over at rhapsody! http://bit.ly/1zhyRr
For complete ticket info, check out Switchfoot’s touring page. Tickets are going fast!

From Jon:
“If you could give one bit of advice to aspiring songwriters….what would it be?” -@jonathanhall01 love music…

More thoughts on songwriting and life: be honest, and never let anyone else define “success” for you- money ain’t it.

We’ve got some photos from the show last night in Dallas for you, courtesy of Jones of Arlington!

View the full set HERE

Bullet Soul:

+ The Sound
+ Red Eyes
+ Hello Hurricane
+ Always
+ Free
+ Enough To Let Me Go
+ Mess of Me

Speaking of the tour, it looks like the guys have started something a little new to introduce their second set. Cabius reports: “They also did a cool “sing out” to open their second set. They explained that they were going off stage, and whatever song the crowd was singing when they came back would be the song that they would start with. It was a little awkward at first, with scattered pockets of songs starting and dying out, but eventually “Oh! Gravity” took hold, and there we were. It was neat. =)
^ What a great idea! I hope they keep that up… it will be interesting to see what the crowd sings each night. Maybe we could mobilize everyone to sing a song that they’ve forgotten… Living Is Simple anyone?

Hey guys, we have a promotion request from management for you all! They’ve asked that fans help promote the single at the following stations:
Website: www.theblazeonline.com
Request : (Phone) 801-470-9750 (Utah County)
801-570-9750 (Salt Lake County)
801-670-9750 (Davis County)

Website: www.fm1039online.com
Request: (Phone) 602-260-1039 | Text: 91039

If you live in that area (or even if you don’t…) please call and request the song! Remember to be polite and don’t call constantly, but calling a few times this week will really help out!

New tour date for the UK fans!


EVENT 2-10pm

What a day it was: on a beautiful sun-soaked Sunday last May there were 15,000 people drawn together in the most amazing celebration of all that is good. We worshipped, we danced, we jumped, and topped up our inspiration. But most of all, we were all together as one huge family – this was our BigChurchDayOut.

And next year, we’ll do it again. But it’ll be bigger, wider, bolder and even better.

BigChurchDayOut is back for 2010, with a lineup that already includes HILLSONG UNITED, SWITCHFOOT, TOBY MAC (DC Talk), ISRAEL HOUGHTON, TIM HUGHES (Worship Central), BRENTON BROWN, GRAHAM KENDRICK, LOU FELLINGHAM, TOM & OLLY, LZ7,THE KINGS CHAMBER ORCHESTRA, STUART PENDRED and TRENT. It promises to be an incredible day as people of all ages and church backgrounds gather together again to celebrate the faith that’s bigger than all of us.
Looks like a pretty huge event! We’re not sure of the actual lineup yet, but since the guys are definitely going to be performing, it’d be wise to pick up your tickets now. Get more information or purchase tickets HERE.
Read a press release on this event HERE.
(Thanks Deborah!)

Tim will be on the radio show “Christian Rock 20″ this week!:
Switchfoot On This Week’s Show
Tim Foreman, bassist for Switchfoot is calling in to talk about their new album Hello Hurricane, their upcoming tour, and just how far the band has come. Listen in this weekend to catch our interview as well as the top 20 songs in Christian rock.

Also, since our test run on 95.5 The Vibe fell through last week due to last minute technical difficulties we will be aired in Greenville, SC on the vibe this weekend, so check it out if you live in the area and if not listen on www.wngrradio.com. Let them know you like the show so we can grow and reach more cities.

Listen on:
The Vibe 95.5 in Greenville, SC, 8-10 p.m. eastern, or streaming on www.wngrradio.com

98X, 98.1, in Abilene, TX 8-10 p.m. central, or streaming on www.the98x.com
BTW, be sure to vote for the guys in Weekly Fan Favorite Poll HERE.

Here is a new Hello Hurricane review:
While this record did not feature the band completely changing its sound, there is an impressive new intensity to these tracks. The album has exquisitely layered harmonies that include powerful bass lines and the usual strong vocal styling that the band is known for. While Hello Hurricane definitely features a new kind of sound, the classic Switchfoot sound has not disappeared. It has simply been reinvented with an urgency and focus that only make the music better. Maybe the conflict and uncertainty that the band struggled with while making this album was actually a positive thing. In any case, it translated into a truly great record.
Read the full review HERE.

The guys have been mixing up the second half of their setlist on the Hello Hurricane tour a bit, and in Scottsdale, AZ, they played Yesterdays for the first time in 3 years for a veteran who was in the audience. Michael sent us a video!:

^ That song is one of their best. Watch more videos from that show HERE.

We also found a few more videos from the show in Oklahoma City, including their performance of “You”!

Watch more videos HERE

Our friend Ryan, who got to play Stars with the band in OK, wrote in with a mini-review and some photos!
About the video- that was me playing drums on stars. Before the show they played Bullet Soul and Your Love is a Song if I remember correctly. During the meet and greet I asked Chad what the odds were of him letting a fellow drummer such as myself take over for a song. He was pretty open to it and asked what song. I’ve played through SF stuff so much I could do about anything, but Stars has always been a favorite of mine to play. Little later talking to Jon I mentioned it again and he said they’d probably be open to it, and said just to hold up a sign and remind em during the second set. So, I took a poster I’d had signed and wrote “Chad, I can play Stars” on the back. During the second set, Jon acknowledged me while playing M2L, but then they went on into Stars, so I thought it wasn’t gonna happen. Suddenly, after the intro, Jon walks over and invites me up. He for some reason thought I wanted to do guitar, and while I can play it, I’m much more of a drummer than a guitarist. I told him I wanted to do drums and he was like “oh…crap”. Anyways, he let me do it anyways for the last chorus. If you watch this other vid of it, you can see the whole song.
^ HA! Love it. Watch some videos from the show HERE and check out Ryan’s photos HERE.

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03) The Christian Rock 20 -#1, with over 45% of the votes!
04) Badass 8 at LA 98.7
02) Christy’s Really Big Countdown at 91x – #2. Get them to #1!
03) Ten Most Wanted on RadioU – Second place. ARG! We’re about 7% behind the leader, so let’s all go vote!

Request “Mess of Me” now at your favorite radio station. Click below to see official list of stations who have added the song to their playlist. Even if you don’t see your station listed, feel free to call them and request the song. For more info, go HERE.

+ KROQ (Los Angeles) is one of the most influential rock stations in the country so request that they play “Mess of Me”! Go HERE to request.

+ Street Propaganda – Join the official Atlantic street team and help promote the band by joining all kinds of fun campaigns. You can even host a listening party!
Check it out HERE.

Discussion Point: I had a really good conversation on Twitter with a friend about our favorite tracks on “Building A Hurricane” so I thought I’d carry that over into a discussion point. If you own the album, what’s your favorite tune and why?
If you don’t, what’s your favorite Switchfoot b-side?