“You and me in a Switchfoot cover band”

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Hey folks some exciting news today… first, Jon played his new song “Fake Your Own Death” at the aftershow last night and shared that the song might be on Vice Verses! So rad.
Check out more info on Vice Verses HERE, listen to “Fake Your Own Death” HERE or read the lyrics HERE.

Now for some touring news… guess who is going back to New Zealand (with surfboards in tow, I’m sure)? Yep, that’s right. Parachute Music just announced that Switchfoot will once again headline the Parachute Music Festival in Mystery Creek (Hamilton), New Zealand next year. The festival runs from January 29th – February 1st and we’ll keep you posted on what day the guys will play. It’s the festival’s 20th anniversary, and apparently they’re making a big bash out of it.
Parachute Festival e-News has just announced that our favourite San Diego rockers are headlining Parachute 2010!

Switchfoot will return to New Zealand for their first time since Parachute 08, to front our 20th birthday Festival.

The surfer-turned-musicians have double-platinum albums featuring singles Meant To Live, Dare You To Move and Stars � plus their music is showcased on Hollywood movies such as A Walk To Remember.

We can’t wait to host frontman Jon Foreman and co, and be captivated by their fresh sounds and epic live show once again.

Switchfoot are releasing a new album called HELLO HURRICANE in November, so they’ll also have plenty of new material to share. Yay.
Check out more information HERE.
(Thanks for the tip Mellie!)

Those of you in Europe should start saving up for concert tickets as well. Someone asked Jon about touring Europe, and he had this to say in response:
I would love to play a european tour sooner than later! We will definitely try to get over there for this new record…
thanks for the note,

Hope it happens for you guys!
(Thanks for the tip Majkl!)

New Tweets!
From Switchfoot:
Free SF show tonight in Louisville if you’re over 21. Then an accoustic aftershow at a coffeeshop- for those who have ears, let em hear!

aftershow tonight: coffee crossing- 4212 charlstown Rd. Found out that it might be sold out- we’ll try to cram everyone in?!? Lo siento…

Interview in louisville…!

Presale for our new album Hello Hurricane begins Aug 26! First single Mess of Me hits radio Sept 21. Album release date Nov 10.

Late night bowlero. Tim does the lebowski… “throwing rocks tonight!” @jonathanforeman

Anyone want to go surfing with us ma�ana in myrtle beach?! Supposed to be chest high! Gotta have surf racks or a van. Let me know, peace!-jf

@jamietworkowski catch a few waves for us- we’re in Atlanta tonight- might get a few in Myrtle Beach ma�ana… miss you, bro!

Donna Summers, Summa Donna, simmer down now… Two tickets for tonights show will be waiting for you if you’re quick, Donna Summers

oh and just because she’s obviously bored not doing American Idol anymore, 2 more tickets tonight are under PAULA ABDUL.

Hurricane surf ma�ana? Ahhh yes, hello old friend… Also, thank you FOTF for the ike shirts, ironic that you’re our ride to the beach!- jf

RT@joebrim:”@switchfoot I got the tickets!” Yes! Glad u made it in. For those who couldn’t get into the sold-out show, we’ll be back soon!

“Did U guys get a chance 2 surf? Showing the waves on CNN.” (via @Heather_Bates) In a cab on the way!

On our way back to the venue. Waves were small, but water was warm and we had a lot of fun! Chased out by the lightning.-tf

“I’m at lowers right now, it’s blown” (via @A4RONjohnson) ha! You didn’t miss much in MB. Warm water, friends, sunshine & small kine waves.

From Jon:
“Don’t let schooling interfere with your education.” Mark Twain

“…aftershow in Atlanta tomorrow night?” (via @alandarmody) “If you build it, he will come” -ShoelessJoeJackson

Thanks for a great show amd aftershow, amigos! Atlanta here we come…

@boomersaveus My band in high-school was called ect… Might have been cooler spelled “et cetera” which is dangerously close to Pete Cetera

This of course was after the led zep cover band with reverend cooper in jr. high…called joker’s wild. Not kidding! We played pool parties

“when and where are you playing in atlanta?”(via @bitsybranches) SF show tonight at the masquerade/ after-show somewhere nearby, 11:15-ish.

Fav.Quotes: “Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash.” -L. Cohen

@JadeKing yes- rain indeed! So we will find a dry spot for the aftershow…

I stole jons phone. aftershow is inside in the room across from purgatory, and is happening right now!. – @andybarron

Thanks for the afta-afta show all! Sorry to all who couldn’t get in… Twas a crazy one to squeeze in with the rain ‘n such. See you in MB!

Fav.Quotes: “Happy is a yuppie word.” -B.Dylan

From Tim:
Hola Kentucky. Tonight should be fun. Oh, and a belated thanks for all of the kind birthday wishes last week. Much love amigos, -tf

Hotlanta! BBQ and sweet tea abound.

Looking forward to catching some hurricane surf in so. Carolina ma�ana.

I’m standing between a huge shack, the ocean, and about 500 live aligators. Any guesses? ;)

The Daily Foot has been updated with posts and videos from the California and Texas shows. You’ve seen the videos, so here are the posts!:
Los Angeles, California
the day started out with jon and tim cruising up the freeways to a producer’s house and working just a touch more on a couple versions of the new songs. by the time they got back, everyone had re-convened from their time in southern california for soundcheck at the historic wiltern theater. there was much talk of all the shows people had seen there over the years. especially jerome; he saw nine inch nails and sting shows here back in the day. he wins. he always does. dinner, show, aftershow food, showers, hang out, sleep. good day.

Las Vegas, Nevada
ahh yes, back to the starbucks of venues. house of blues (houses of blue? i don’t know how to pluralize that) are always kind of the same, but you usually know it’s going to be a good show. the day ended with (no joke) a drew and chad dance party in front of the bellagio. don’t ask. more details to come later.

Midland, Texas
our first of a few shows in texas in the next few weeks, midland’s ‘rock the desert’ festival is usually a pretty fun one to be at. last year here we all sat around in the dressing room watching the olympics, and this year we sat around watching action movies all day. it was good times. the guys switched up their walk-in music tonight to some explosions in the sky, in honor of friday night lights and west texas. so good.

Phoenix, Arizona
arizona! today was hot hot hot. yeah, just like that song. some guys walked over to tempe proper and did some shopping, and then when jon and chad came back, we walked down by the interview and shot some cool interview stuff. later on in the day jon went back and did an aftershow down there too. it was pretty gorgeous. big ups to zach from jimmy eat world for stopping by tonight!

El Paso, Texas
hola el paso. como estas. today we were very near the border to mexico. so close that we could see the wall. it was muy bien. tim’s bass kind of freaked out today so we had to borrow one from longwave. those guys rule, and its their last show of the tour with us. viva longwave y viva switchfoot!

Amarillo, Texas
wiffle ball round 2 happened today out in the grass field behind the stage. it pretty much was perfect weather for some band/crew wiffle ball, and also for the show. it was so nice out and a great crowd showed up tonight. super loud, and real fun. amarillo also means yellow. little known fact. ha.

^ I wonder if he got that fact from Drew? Drew or false?

Now how about show updates? The guys played in Atlanta last night… here is the setlist and some notes, courtesy of Kirby and John:
The Sound
Oh! Gravity
Gone/Crazy In Love Mashup
(I believe he dedicated this one to a kid in the back with a lighter app on his iPhone)
This Is Your Life (complete with Jon melting faces by screaming into his guitar pickups!)
Mess of Me (one *probably* drunk chick got a little excited during the song, and er, flashed the band. Fortunately they all looked away and the girl disappeared after that)
On Fire (Jon talked about how he thought of this song during a walk in the graveyard as the sun set, and he saw the fireflies begin to emerge from the dark, he also came into the crowd and finished the song standing on top of the bar counter)
Dare You To Move (sang the first half on top of the bar counter still, came back and finished on stage)
Meant to Live (Jon sang part of 24 at the beginning of this in m2l’s key I believe. REALLY cool)
^ I just got to say something here… it really makes me respect Switchfoot even more, knowing that they are honorable and looked away… but they shouldn’t HAVE to look away. It’s a family show… in more ways than one. Not only do families GO but the guys also have families of their own. Doing something like that is completely disrespectful of the guys and their families.
So keep your shirts on people.

Now here is Jon’s aftershow setlist and notes, again, courtesy of Kirby and John:
War In My Blood
Just Rob Me
Your Love Is Strong
Resurrect Me
(to battle the loud Blue October upstairs, also, he gave the guitar to one guy named Joe during the song so Jon could play some harmonica. it was awesome!)
Fake Your Own Death on “The Yam” (Jon said that it will probably be on the Vice Verses album.)
Vice Verses
(Thanks guys for the setlists!)

Here is a review of the Switchfoot and Jon Foreman aftershow in Kentucky:
…As Daniel and I took our places in the road/pit/designated audience standing area, we were surprised to find that the soundcheck we had heard since our arrival was being done by none other than Switchfoot! They played a few songs for us during the soundcheck, including an upbeat number from their newest album, Hello Hurricane, to be released later this year. They then left the stage for a short while before retaking the stage for their set. They played a number of their hits, including their signature tunes “Meant to Live” and “Dare You To Move,” as well as a few songs from their aforementioned new album. One thing noticeable about the new songs is that they possess a decidedly darker vibe than Switchfoot’s usual upbeat, laid-back surfer rock.

Switchfoot’s performance was technically sound and enjoyable, albeit not nearly as energetic as they have been in previous concerts that I’ve seen them in. Jon Foreman’s sense of humor was still intact, as was his penchant for climbing things and jumping off of them, but the performance seemed to be missing something. Perhaps it was because they were the opening act, which meant they could only play a partial set. More likely, it was the venue and the crowd, which were not the greatest.
Read the full review HERE

Jon’s aftershow:
Jonathan Foreman took the stage around ten, and informed us that he did not have a set list, and requested that we pass around a sheet of paper and write down what we wanted to hear. He began the set with “Only Hope,” one of my favorite Switchfoot songs. His set list consisted of songs from his solo albums, as well as his work with Switchfoot and Fiction Family. Throughout the set he remained candid and engaging, telling a number of stories and jokes in between the songs. It was a very different concert experience for me, very quiet and low key; it felt more like hanging out than performing. Foreman did seem to be much more comfortable and energetic in this environment than he had just a few hours earlier, and it’s obvious that he enjoys this kind of candid, honest, intimate performance.

After he finished performing, he hung around outside the coffee shop and was gracious enough to wait around for everyone to shake his hand, take a picture with him, chat, or in at least one case, grab him in a bearhug and swing him around. He came across as very genuine and warm, a truly nice guy. It’s odd, because with his earthy vocals, diverse musical sensibilities, and socially conscious yet playfully worded lyrics, Jon Foreman could be this generation’s Bob Dylan. And yet, he remains fairly obscure, while fluff sells millions.
Read the full review HERE.

Here are two stellar shots from the show by bluegrassboy:

Photo credit: bluegrassboy

Photo credit: bluegrassboy

Here’s a video of the guys sound checking “Won’t Back Down” in KY… I wonder if that was odd for them? Soundchecking with a whole crowd watching.

You can watch a few more videos from that show HERE.

Audrey sent us some new photos and videos from the Houston show and aftershow. RAD!

Check out the rest of her videos HERE.

You can view her photos HERE.

We’ve also got some videos from Dallas… here’s the guys and audience singing Happy Birthday to Tim:

See a few more videos HERE.

Now for the aftershow… we’ve got a full video of the Jon/Andy duet!:

View more videos HERE.

Discussion Point: With “Mess of Me” announced at the first single from “Hello Hurricane,” the guys will, more likely than not, be making a music video. Share your ideas for a cool music video for the song! For example, one fan suggested the guys perform inside a drug store, then just destroy the place during the course of the music video. (Imagine pills flying everywhere…)